Why rent a Serviced office?

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Choosing officers for your business can be daunting you have to predict how many people you may need to accommodate in the future then you have to think of all the facilities you will need for the size of that team then you need to add up the cost from all the contracts someone has to set it up and when you move in someone has to manage and support the office.

Serviced offices provide flexible cost-effective plug-and-play rented spaces that allow you to move into your office and start working immediately at Jones Lang LaSalle we help SMEs and startup companies across the UK who benefit from flexible contracts that serviced offices can provide this can be a real bonus given the initial uncertainties that surround workspace requirements.

It’s not just small companies and those with smaller workforces who can benefit we increasingly see larger corporate clients using serviced offices to give them greater flexibility in their property solutions allowing them to react quicker to market changes quick access for overflow expansion project teams and temporary desk during office moves make serviced offices extremely attractive this allows for easier and far less risky real estate decisions the serviced office landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade and there can be no doubt that the choice and quality of office environment on offer has increased as has the sheer number of serviced office providers in existence clients constantly on the move can take advantage of smart business lounges whereas larger companies often choose completely self-contained office areas serviced offices can offer addresses in key locations or impressive buildings across the globe.

The majority of providers also offer a network of offices allowing you to have your main office in one location but with the benefits of being able to plug in anywhere else in the world and seamlessly continue working without any delay in-house IT teams allow providers to effectively implement and manage IT and telecom services allowing you to focus on your main business.

Why Serviced office?

You need now then you can take more space if you need it for as long as you need it or less space when you don’t with meeting facilities you only pay for the time you use and you share the cost of other facilities with your neighbors dedicated and unbranded front of house receptionists greet callers and visitors as if they’re yours in order to present your business professionally again at a shared cost this all means you will be free to focus on what you’re good at running your business while liberties on site client service team managed to the office SGOffices where flexibility means freedom and cost-effectiveness.

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