5 SEO ways your doing wrong for your website

You should also focus on the search engine optimization (SEO) along with the content. You need a proper plan to gain success keeping in mind the changed SEO rules. The recent stats states that 93 percent of the experiences we gain online begin from the search engines and also 75 percent of the users do not go past the first page in search of the results. Also, all the paid ads are ignored by seventy to eighty percent of the users. This clearly proves that SEO is very useful and necessary for your success online.

The content is translated by the SEO in a language understood by the search engine, so that it shows your page to the customers on top when searching for the Services, offers, and products online. But there are many ways SEO services make mistakes and should be avoided by everyone; some of these are listed below.

1.    Keywords

To make your content visible on the top few results you need to use the keywords in it. But stuffing keywords in the articles is one of the most common mistakes made by the SEO agencies. The Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is used by Google to analyze your page and you are heavily penalized by the engines if found stuffing the keywords, as the content loses meaning and is of no value after that.

2.    Anchor text

Anchor texts are the hyperlinks added to the articles, but sometimes these can land you in trouble as well. These are pointing towards the content on your site or any external ones. People used to get away with the anchor texts before but not now as pointing towards the irrelevant content from the anchor text are considered to mislead the visitor.

3.    Optimization of image

Visual contents get more likes and shares as compared to the other ones, but the images are not visible to the search engines. It needs translation and explanations added to understand them and the way they connect to the topic. Uploading image without adding captions will reduce its reading and also consume more data. The images added should be compressed first; it will reduce the loading time of the page and enhance your efficiency as an SEO agency like Novatise.

4.    Link Strategy

The backlinks provided should be of better quality and relevant to the article. Populating the article with so much of backlinks will reduce its efficiency which will surely put a question mark to your SEO services.

5.    Fans and followers

The number of followers has no direct impact on your SEO services all that matters is the engagements. Your authority and brand awareness can be spread by a community of active members sharing your content and redirecting other users to your site as well.


Being one of the SEO services you should take a proper care while uploading the Data online and also manage and produce the data with great caution. You should keep in mind to not make the mistakes mentioned above.

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